A Little Tune.

Sometimes, I like my music a little cheesy, a little simple, and a little singable. Kinda like the song version of your mama's grilled cheese sandwich. Well, this is a perfect example of one of my favorite "comfort songs." You know, the kind that when you hear it you immediately feel that all is a little more right with the world. Musically, it's not groundbreaking. But that's not really the point of Stephen Kellogg's music. His many albums are more like lyrical diaries, with songs like "Sweet Sophia," about the birth of his daughter and "Satisfied Man," his thoughts about how he will feel at the end of his life. This particular song I am sharing is called, "In Front of the World," and it is a song he wrote to his little brother when he went off to college. I think about the lessons of this song often, and thought I would share it with you! Since, you know, I am trying out this more-frequent-blogging thing. Below are the lyrics.

Lyrics to In Front Of The World

Well, it’s hard to live in front of the world, There’s only so much that you can pretend. Write down what it is you’re thinking; Take each day as it comes; You never know what’s hanging ‘round the bend. And as far from the world as we get, I can swear that the two of us will always be the same. Figure out what it is you believe in, And if you must choose, try not to trade your fortune in for fame.

And you’ll learn, learn, learn. You’ll wait your turn, turn, turn. And you’ll get sick on the way By the things that people say. It’ll break your heart against the wind, But you will just keep breathing in.

Well, if you’re scared to live in front of the world, I’ve got news for you, you should be then. When your confidence gets low and you’ve got nowhere to go, Just remember how you felt about me and our friends. And we’ll learn, learn, learn. We’ll wait out turn, turn, turn. And we’ll get sick on the way By the things that people say; It’ll break out hearts against the wind. But we will just keep breathing in.

Watch the way you fall in love... ‘Cause if you’re smart, you’ll take it slow. And don’t ask me about it, cause I don’t know, ‘cause I don’t know, know, know. But I’m gonna learn, learn, learn. I’ll take my turn, turn, turn. If I get sick on the way. By the things that people say. It’ll break my heart against the wind. But I will just keep breathing in.