Ode to Walker

Since my dear friend Walker has been missing my posts these nine days, (see comments on my April 5th post for reference) I thought I would throw him a proverbial bone. So, without further ado, my Ode to Walker.

Walker, Walker, walky Pfost,
Out of all my guy friends, you are the most
clever with words, I do believe!
Your poetry blog is the bees knees.
You live in Korea, oh so far away,
A place with some snow (who knew?!) where you play
with kids! And teach them English, to boot,
Oh, WPf, you are such a hoot.
I visited your old home last weekend, it's true,
The Vista House is bursting with vibrant hues,
The colors of spring! Pink, periwinkle, and green,
So deeply peaceful. You know what I mean.
I was reminded of the time when you fixed my car,
I had left the top down and it rained so hard
My seats were soaked! You found a fan in a blink,
If not for you they'd still be damp, I do think.
Oh, WPf, what a pal! What a guy!
Watching Kite Runner, I thought I was sly,
As I slept through it all! But you knew, yes you did.
A friend like you really flips my lid.