Hi, I'm Anna Beth. I write copy.

Looking for someone who considers the thesaurus her favorite book? A lady who will extol the Oxford comma and rail against the treachery of a split infinitive? Who will tweak each sentence into the night to find the right tone? You may be looking for me.

With ten years of experience both agency and client side, in both traditional and digital media, I am your content Swiss Army Knife. Radio to apps, TV to travel websites, B2B to non-profit brochures, if it’s meant to connect with a targeted audience, I’ve written it. With a special talent for website redesign projects, I’m comfortable with direct client contact as well as working with creative directors, developers, designers, UX specialists and project managers.

Besides all my work, I have a deep love of my neighborhood, Oak Cliff, an obsession with gardening, and am a mom to my two dogs Annie and Knightley. I also have a constant case of the giggles.

Got a project that needs a writerly touch? Give me a shout!